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Now that Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz announced the company has decided to have an open to all “customers” bathroom policy regardless of purchase, all hell is about to break loose. What once took a mop and a bucket will now take a shovel and masks. Long lines, sleazy behavior and disgusting bathrooms. In addition, have they checked with the employees to see if they won’t mind cleaning those bathrooms that will now have triple the traffic?


There has not been one time that I have ever been in Starbucks and the workers weren’t working their asses off even when business is slow, they always find something to do. It’s very easy for the higher ups to designate a new policy but how fair is that to the employees who have to clean those bathrooms?

Here in LA BEFORE the new policy kicked in, I’ve seen people go in there and bathe with all their luggage in tow. Sure homeless people need a place to clean up and take care of themselves but is that on Starbucks or the city government? You just try to see if Momma’s Fried Chicken in the hood would let anybody use the bathroom when she has to go in there and clean it.

Everybody isn’t clean and some people are downright disgusting. If you go to a gym like LA Fitness and you have been in the locker rooms, you now what I mean. Everything from people blow drying the crack of their asses to shaving in the whirlpool. These are paying members nonetheless. Starbucks is not going to be able to go back to their old policy after this announcement and for people who use the facility to buy product and get work done like many entrepreneurs, the options are already and now even more limited.


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