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The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has spent the last half decade concerned with one problem that emerged with the resurgence of vinyl–vinyl counterfeiting.  In a collaborative investigation with South Wales police, they’ve recently cracked down on a counterfeit ring led by four men–Christopher Price, Stephen Russell, Robert Pye, and Alan Godfrey.

Together the ring had produced thousands in sales. Of the infringing materials, the police confiscated 55,635 infringing 7″ vinyl records, 26 10″, and 907 12″ records (in addition to 4,679 CDs, 70 music DVDs, and 8 DVD MP3s). These counterfeits would be sold on online marketplaces including Amazon.

What the crackdown signifies is that the resurgence of vinyl sales means new counterfeit threats. Certainly, vinyl records don’t have the same piracy threat as digital media, but they do produce qualitatively unique piracy operations that organizations like the RIAA need to understand.

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