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radiofacts.comTrey Songz drops by the Neighborhood and confirms new album dropping in 2019.

He also told the neighborhood that he released a new song on SoundCloud called “Jill,” and that he might release more music before 2019.

Songz also spoke about his new movie “Blood Brothers.”

“Blood Brothers” stars Trey Songz, Jack Kelsey, China Anne McClain, and Fetty Wap. The movie is about two childhood friends. One of the friends recently is released from jail and wants to take revenge out of the other one, who is now a cop. He wants revenge because he feels like he took the fall for a crime that was committed together. The film is set to release on Nov. 30.

Trey Songz also speaks on his thought about the Tekashi 69 situation, why he didn’t sign drake and more.

You can watch the full interview below.


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  1. Great story but make it an open call to the black SGL COMMUNITY, if a Youtube show or a production is good enough and has a big enough following, the networks will call YOU. (eg “Insecure”) Leverage is a beast. Black people will turn into dust waiting for acceptance, permission and a green light to do what we are already qualified to do on our own. Stop asking for opportunities. TAKE them and create your own EMPIRE!!!

  2. This is what I think it is; There are WAY too many people involved in the production and it’s obvious. I agree the show is losing authenticity. There are WAY too many celeb appearances who are not believable and can’t act. It’s starting to get annoying. Jussie’s character is enough for now for non gay viewers but the guy doing Sylvester was WAY over the top and just TOO much this early in the show. Cookie is overused. Viewers need to anticipate her appearances, their needs to be a couple of younger producers on there to bring more balance to the music. Don’t sing entire songs but just a segments, give the audience a reason to want to buy the music. The oldest son is one of the best actors on the show (mental breakdown) but he’s not being used enough. Not enough focus on the main characters and the storyline is getting weak. Finally the name of the new label “Lion Dynasty” is the WORST name for a record label I have ever heard and I work in the music industry. It’s not belevable.


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