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Plex, the global media company, has announced its new partnership with TIDAL to add music service to its app.

This new partnership offers discounted access to TIDAL’s music catalog which has over 60 million tracks and 244,000 music videos for Plex Pass subscribers. The Plex Pass is the company’s own subscription program. In this subscription, subscribers can watch and record from live TV and other premium features and advanced controls.

Throughout the past year, Plex has begun to try to be a one-stop app for all your media. They have started to add support for podcasts, streaming TV and a DVR, personalized news and web shows. In addition, Plex has the software to organize your home media collection of movies, TV shows, personal videos, music, and photos.

Subscribers can also make their own playlist consisting of TIDAL tracks and personal MP3s. The service also generates music recommendations from TIDAL based on the user’s music library and add more tracks to Plex’s radio.

Users can try out the apps through a free trial. But subscriptions plans start at $9.99 per month. The price does drop to $8.99 for Plex Pass subscribers for both existing Plex users and TIDAL subscribers.

Plex is also giving TIDAL Premium subscribers access to Plex’s premium music features, including its full mobile app. And for those who pay $19.99 for TIDAL HiFi, gets a free Plex pass. The Plex pass includes perks like Perk’s DVR service and premium library features.

Tidal will be available with Plex’s mobile and web app. The app will also be supported on Android TV and Apple TV.

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