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A Spotify senior director and head of music culture & editorial is leaving the company after five and a half years. Doug Ford was the top executive in charge of playlisting.

Ford joined the streaming service back in May of 2013. He oversaw recruiting and managing playlist teams across different genres. Ford also established “The Syndicate,” the strategy behind Spotify’s most popular playlists, including RapCaviar and New Music Friday.

His departure from the company is not the first of the year. Many other high profile executives have left the streaming service this year. This includes chief marketing officer Seth Farberman, marketing execs Dave Rocco and Angela Watts, global head of creator service Troy Carter, head of music culture George Ergatoudis, global head of artist and industry partnerships Mark Williamson, and global head of hip-hop and curator of RapCaviar Tuma Bass.

And earlier this week, the company took its new playlisting tool live. The new tool allowed indie acts with Spotify for Artist accounts the ability to submit unreleased music for consideration on Spotify curated playlist.

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