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New entertainment startup Ryff is introducing an AI-driven video platform, Placer, that hopes to change the industry by allowing real-time image manipulation in video.
Roy Taylor, Ryff

Ryff will be helmed by CEO Roy Taylor, a BAFTA Los Angeles board member and AMD alum. Filling out the leadership are chairman Louis Hernandez, the former CEO of Avid; COO Mark Turner of Technicolor; CTO Evan Smyth of DreamWorks Animation; and chief scientist Spencer Stevens, formerly CTO of Sony Pictures.

Placer is described by the company as an AI-driven technology that will allow real-time manipulation of people, backgrounds, products, and images in live or pre-recorded video. Ryff explains that, for example, “a Coke can on a desk can be replaced with a Pepsi can in a live TV show, based on user behavior and preferences.”

Placer works by using machine learning to identify places in videos where digital objects can be inserted. It identifies brands already in the video, then works with brand owners to build digital objects for said media.

On Wednesday, Ryff also announced a strategic partnership with Endemol Shine Group, its first major partner. Details are still forthcoming.

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