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Inaugural summit to focus on educating executives about a modern approach to workplace and marketplace practices in the tech ecosystem.

Tech, Media and Advertising Partner to Host New York City First “Reframe Change Summit” on The Future of Work and Marketplace

Summit focus is accelerating sustainable change within the workplace and marketplace for women and people of color across the technology ecosystem, private and public industry sectors

 Reframe, Company, Urban One, and UWG are partnering to host and lead a conversation about the future of work and marketplace at the inaugural Reframe Change Summit in New York CityApril 3-4, 2019.  New York City is home to many companies across multiple industries and is now the second highest performing tech ecosystem in the world behind Silicon Valley.  The Reframe Change Summit will convene executives who are change management thought leaders and advocates to solve a long-standing human capital problem across the tech ecosystem, public, private and impact industry sectors. The invite-only event will take place at Company’s new tech campus at 335 Madison Avenue.

The goal of the summit is to educate executives who drive change and want to learn about a modern approach to workplace and marketplace practices.  Innovative thought leaders and practitioners will present ideas that accelerate change for a modern workplace and marketplace. Topics discussed will include:

  • Shifting and scaling structures, segments, strategy, systems and solutions for the workplace and new marketplace
  • Modernizing the practice of talent, diversity, and inclusion
  • Shifting company culture from a dominant (mono-cultural) to cross-cultural and poly-cultural
  • Changing workplace and marketplace practices targeted toward women and people of color

“Annually teams and businesses waste 7% – 30% of operating costs on retaining human capital because they lack an inclusive culture, employee engagement and not developing their people.  We did not want another generation entering the workforce having the same conversation for another 60 years; hence a modern approach is the only option.  New York is now at the center of the tech universe and building the next generation tech ecosystem, we decided to do something about it, and the Change Summit is one of the outcomes.”  Jeffrey L. Bowman CEO and Co-Founder of Reframe

“Inclusion is core to our founding and essential for the success of companies of all sizes.  At Company, we’re focused on addressing inequity to help build a more diverse and inclusive New York tech sector.  That’s not just lip service. We’ve been living that for nearly five years now.”  Matthew Harrigan, Co-Founder and CEO of Company

“Every day we walk the hallways of iconic global brands within the adtech and media industries.  Companies are trying to figure this out either from the outside, in or inside, out and when we got the ask, there was no other option but to be on the right side of history in driving both the workplace and marketplace impact.”  Detavio Samuels, President at iOne Digital, a division of Urban One

“As chair of an agency founded on the principle of multicultural marketing, I welcome the opportunity to teach others about the importance of inclusion and diversity — especially in the workplace,” said Monique Nelson, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, UniWorld Group, Inc. “At UWG, we believe in identifying the forces that bring people together, while specializing in the cultural nuances that make them distinct. We call this predominantly psychographic segmentation UniCulture. I am excited to bring this philosophy to the Reframe Change Summit in January.”

To learn more about the 2019 Reframe Change Summit, visit

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