Recently murdered by former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, Rayshard previously recorded this video on how difficult it was trying ot matriculate himself back into society as an ex-offender. The music is overkill but the point is valid.

This is Rayshard Brooks, in his own words.

This is #RayshardBrooks, in his own words.In this heartbreaking interview filmed just four months ago, Brooks speaks about the agony of being trapped in a prison reentry and probation system that won’t let him get back on his feet.His killing at the hands of Atlanta police highlights the need for police reform. But it demonstrates something else that is equally urgent, though rarely discussed: America’s desperate need to overhaul our probation system.Who knows what Brooks could have become, with the right support and better systems? His death represents a double-tragedy that spotlights twin failures in our criminal justice system.As our nation goes through a Great Awakening regarding racial justice, let us transform policing, prisons and probation — all at the same time.#JusticeForRayshardBrooks #SayTheirNames #ReformProbation #CJR #CriminalJusticeReform REFORM

Posted by Van Jones on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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