Epson Crappy Printer

When you need your printer most, you may discover you purchased an EPSON, Oh No!

How many times have you been in a rush and needed to print something right away, then in the process you discover you are out of ink then you have to stop everything that you were about to do to go to the store to buy ink. I’m sure other entrepreneurs can REALLY understand what I’m talking about.

You can’t order it on Amazon and wait for two days because you need it right now. We’ve all been through it but it’s even worse when you buy a piece of a crappy printer form a company like EPSON.

I purchased the EPSON Workforce Pro WF-4734 about a year ago from Costco. I was lured by the Bluetooth connection and all the features it came with, that I actually never use anyway. BTW, why do you need a Bluetooth connection with a printer? Don’t you want it close to your computer so that you can grab what you just printed? How hard is it to connect it directly to your printer?

The EPSON printer seemed like a deal for the price of about $125.00 … which is how they got me. I got it home and all was well until the color ink ran out shortly thereafter. Chances are you don’t even use color ink but unless you print images which I don’t but it still ran out. At this point, the black ink was still half full but would not work until I replaced the color ink that I was not using. What?

This was frustrating but what could I do?  I went to Staples and purchased the color ink for a whopping $80.00. Then when I replaced the color ink the black ink showed that it was empty. WHAT? How could this be? It was half full before. Now I had to go BACK to Staples and replace the black ink. I see they have a standard and a larger version and I decide it’s best to buy the bigger version for $50.00 so I don’t have to replace it anytime soon. At this point, the ink has cost me MORE than the printer. Ahh, that’s EPSON. You got me good.

So, I come home and put the black ink in the printer. After printing about 10 pages of black and white letters over the next two days, the color ink says empty again. WTF? Are you kidding me? I go to Costco to see if they can fill the cartridges so that I can save money and the clerk tells me the printer industry has gotten real shady with some of them not filling the cartridges completely when you buy the printer to keep you coming back to buy ink. In addition, he informed me, Epson has blocked Costco or any other store from filling the cartridges for a much cheaper price so you are forced to buy the expensive ink from Epson. In addition, there are no generic brands of the ink to save you money either.


This all happened in a matter of two days. Imagine trying to work on business projects from home and having to deal with this. So, I went back to Staples with the color ink and asked for a refund and they told me since I had used the ink they could not refund my money. I was pissed but I get where they were coming from, they didn’t know how many times I had used the printer. Thank god I purchased the crappy EPSON printer from Costco. They actually took it back and end the EPSON nightmare ordeal. Don’t think twice think ONCE when you see a great deal on an EPSON printer … RUN

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