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In another post, I talked about having a horrible experience when I purchased an EPSON printer. I will never buy another EPSON printer after that experience I talked about here. At any rate, I remember buying a laser printer several years ago and I remember the price was rather steep in comparison with Inkjet printers. Today the prices are competitive and I’ve decided to try a laser printer again.

I came across Brother HL-L2320d  Laser Printer with Duplex Printing for $89.00. While it’s a little loud and takes a minute to print, the quality of the print, as well as the convenience, is an A-plus. it’s small and doesn’t have the “all in one” features that I really never used anyway (faxing, Bluetooth, scanning etc). At the end of the day, you can scan with your cell phone and email it to yourself or someone else these days with an app.
brother printers

The other thing I love about this printer is it prints on both sides if you need and you can stack up to 250 pages in it which means no repeated fillings of the paper.  The Brother HL-L2320d  Laser Printer with Duplex Printing for $89.00. No inkjet games and a reasonably priced toner cartridge for $53.00 that prints up to 2500 pages.

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