One Flat Tire can Destroy the Vehicle

There is nothing better than having the right team for whatever project that you’re working on it helps Drive the vehicle. But having the wrong team can drive your vehicle off a cliff or crashing into an 18 wheeler while you are trying to tend to the whiny and needy adult baby people in the backseat.

Two things that it took me a really long time to grasp is: it’s never wise to hire people who think that working is not their thing … and the economy is not to blame for some people not working, it’s their attitude, lack of drive and motivation and negatively. It’s not that they can’t find work nobody wants to work WITH them. Also, there are lazy, negative and insecure people from all walks of life but the greater your pool the greater your chances for success. Never limit yourself.

Once you map out exactly what you want to do with your… (listen to the podcast below)

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