Radio Facts: Nicole Somerville Celebrates 20 Years with Research Director, Inc.

We congratulate Nicole Somerville as we celebrate her 20-year anniversary with the company. “In today’s world it’s unusual for employees to stay with one company long enough to reach such a significant milestone. We thank Nicole, not only for her years of service to our clients, but her excellence at meeting their needs,” said Marc Greenspan, Partner.

“We are also proud to announce that the majority of our staff at Research Director, Inc. has been with us for more than 12 years. This type of employee longevity provides our clients with continuity that results in better service,” Greenspan continued.

“As a Research Consultant, Nicole is instrumental at strategizing with radio stations’ sales teams to help them convert sales opportunities to revenue. We appreciate Nicole for her tuning in to Research Director, Inc. as a P1 for 20 years. And, we thank her for her dedication and contributions to our success,” said Kathryn Boxill, Radio Sales Research Manager.

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