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So we all know of at least 20 people in the industry who have been saying they are going to write a book about their careers and now they have made a career or of saying they will write a book twenty MORE years later.

Well, this is not the case for Dorothy Carvello. Carvello is a 25-year industry vet who couldn’t care less (obviously) about ever working in the industry again has detailed her tenure with explicit and hardcore detail about how she was not only mistreated by respected industry men but how other women were too.

She has worked with some of the most powerful men in the industry and she is the first woman in the #metoo movement to expose the music industry now joining the film, TV and political arenas for being sexist and abusive. “Anything for a Hit” exposes everything from girlfriends and sidechicks being whored out for airplay to DJ’s coke habits. The book details all the things the industry doesn’t like to talk about (except racism)? We’ll see. The book has been under tight security and will be released Sept 4.

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