It’s ironic that Muhammida El Muhajir did this Ted Talk at the end of 19, looking where we are this week. This has been an absolutely horrible week for Black people in America by one white woman and a police department in Minneapolis.

I was watching the footage of Black Wall Street that I posted yesterday and it truly is a shame that we were on our way in the early 1900s to financial independence and prosperity and the entire town of Greenwood “BLACK Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma was decimated because of jealousy and envy by racists.

Not one single insurance claim which these people had plenty of, of course, was accepted which was a way of preventing them from rebuilding. Now here we are in one of the most bizarre years in the history of America, 2020 and this week an added attraction, and not the good kind, in dealing with the horrors of COVID. There is no rest for the weary and certainly not for the racists.

Muhajir talks about several migrations that Black people have endured over the years during slavery and the turn of the century to find work in the north. Black people have always been in search of a better life even to a fault because it seems there is not a corner of the US, our continued resting spaces, where you can escape racism.

Majajir says something that I have heard many Black Americans say about Africa. We are instantly turned off, thinking it’s a group of people who don’t care for us or that they live in jungles (thanks to American TV) that is simply not completely true, it has been rare that we have seen the true beauty of Africa but everyone I have ever known who has traveled there LOVED it.

Does she have a point? How many more generations of Black people have to live under these conditions in the States?

Is it time we finally start to look at what kind of future we want for ourselves and future generations and to finally stop asking for a seat at America’s table? How many times do we have to be asked to leave by the actions of those who are supposed to be of authority before we actually consider that perhaps it’s a good idea to have a more healthy, fulfilling and sustaining life instead of consistently dealing with the stress and burden of racism? Every black male that I know that left America says the exact same thing “I finally feel safe.”

There was a time, very recently that you were concerned when you got pulled over, but in the last year alone we have learned you really have much more to worry about, you can’t jog, you can’t go to the store, you can’t carry a weapon even if you are licensed, kids can’t play in the playground and now you are not even safe in your own HOUSE? Check out this video.

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