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Radio Facts: June 5, 2013 – Before Michelle Obama, was the First Lady, she was and still is a highly educated and well-respected scholar in the city of Chicago.

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The keyword in that previous sentence is “Chicago” and she is from the south side. As a souths side native myself, we don’t do too well with people rudely interrupting us or being disrespectful.

Tuesday night, the First lady Michelle Obama showed a wanna be heckler a little bit of that south side. The First Lady threatened to leave a fundraiser unless a heckler stopped interrupting her speech.

Obama was speaking at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at a private home in Washington when a woman in the audience started shouting in support of an executive order on gay and lesbian rights. According to several reports, Michelle Obama responded without pause as she said, “One of the things I don’t do well is this,” a remark which drew loud applause.

Then she proceeded to leave the lectern and approached the heckler, telling the woman she could “listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

The crowd full of Obama supporters begged for the First Lady to stay and continue with her speech. The protester, who has now been identified as Ellen Stutz, was escorted out of the event.

Ellen is an activist for the pro-LGBT rights group GetEQUAL.Sturtz later told the Huffington Post in an interview that she hadn’t gone to the event intending to interrupt the first lady, but during the course of her speech, she decided to speak up.

“I want to talk about the children,” she said. “I want to talk about LGBT young people who are … being told, directly and indirectly, that they’re second-class citizens. I’m tired of it.” Sturtz also said she was disappointed in the first lady’s response and said she wasn’t intimidated by the First Lady.

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