Radio Facts:
Micah’s Voice, a foundation to provide hope and inspiration to families dealing with a child on the autism spectrum, recently received a large grant from Kaiser-Permanente Northern California Region.  The grant is intended to fund outreach to Northern California African-American families dealing with an autism diagnosis in order to document and increase their awareness and access to local services that can improve the lives of their families.

The foundation was started by Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman and his wife Sharhonda. They were inspired to start the foundation when one of their twin sons, Micah, was found to be on the autism spectrum. They knew the fears that come with parents trying their best to serve the needs of their autistic children in the midst of the expensive prices for many services.

Micah is now 14 and while they face daily challenges, he is doing very well. Through programs that provide education, awareness, support and financial assistance for those in greatest need, Micah’s Voice empowers families and gives a voice to these special children, so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

You can find out about Micah’s voice here.


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