The NBA is close to resuming and 22 teams have been quarantined in a bubble in Orlando to prepare for the season. These are uncertain times with COVID-19 cases spiking throughout the country especially in Florida. So, to keep players, personnel and coaches safe the NBA has been aggressive with their safety plans and following the procedures laid out by the league.  So aggressive, that they have a Tip Hotline for people to alert them of those in the bubble not following the rules. The hotline has received some calls about violations and several players received warnings. Bruno Caboclo and Richaun Holmes had to restart the quarantine process for breaking the rules.

Of course, there are many opinions against the hotline. Spencer Dinwiddie who opted not to play has called it a snitch hotline and Rudy Gobert has called it petty. So, a player not there risking his health doesn’t want players to use it and a player who thought it was a big joke before he contracted the virus has called it petty. Excuse me if I don’t follow their lead. Sure, these are all adults and they should want to be safe and follow the rules, but if the spikes in the country have shown us anything it is that people don’t follow the rules. People figure, oh I’ll be alright, this little bit of time without a mask won’t hurt or I’m in shape. This virus doesn’t care, so it is up to the people to care and to make sure the people in the bubble care about everyone in the bubble not just themselves; the hotline was created as a safe resource.

Safety should be the number one priority for everyone in the bubble, this uncomfortable hotline will only be necessary if people are breaking  rules, so instead of telling players not to snitch let’s just say do what you are supposed to do to be safe and the hotline will not be an issue. So, is the hotline petty? Not at all, it could be the difference between finishing the season or cancelling it.

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