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Von Miller has millions of reasons to smile.

Leading matcha brand, MatchaBar, today announced it has completed an $8MM Series A round led by a roster of celebrity investors including producer and DJ Diplo and NFL Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. Golden Globe actor nominee Ansel Elgort, and young female pop icon Billie Eilish also join the MatchaBar team alongside platinum-selling recording artist Drake, whose involvement was announced last year. These celebrities join a long list of strategic investors who aim to help brothers Max and Graham Fortgang bring a new category of energy drinks into the modern world. Funding will be directed toward the rapid expansion of the brand’s line of bottled and canned matcha drinks.

Additionally, MatchaBar launched Hustle, the first of its kind sparkling matcha energy drink in a 12-oz. can, which hit shelves nationwide at Whole Foods Market in June.  With the launch of Hustle, MatchaBar is poised to shake up the $22Benergy drink market with a clean, natural alternative to energy drink staples.

“As someone who is constantly on the road and in the studio, I am excited to bring matcha into the world of music and nightlife,” said producer and DJ Diplo. “I relate to the clean, healthy ingredients that MatchaBar brings forth to the energy drink sector.”

MatchaBar lives at the heart of culture, which is why we could not be more humbled to have these artists, DJs, athletes, actors bring our mantra of ‘good things come to those who hustle’ to life,” said MatchaBar co-founder Graham Fortgang. “The language of energy is universal, and MatchaBar aims to deliver a better and more natural energy for today’s hustle. MatchaBar offers a sustained, focused energy setting it apart from the jolt and crash associated with coffee, espresso and energy drinks that are currently out on the market. Partnering with a family farm in Japan, we source only the finest ceremonial grade matcha to deliver a product that simply works.”

“It’s just tight that there’s finally an energy drink that’s actually healthier and made with matcha so it’s still good,” said Billie Eilish. “Our tour bus fridge is stocked with MatchaBar.”

To further drive buzz around the Hustle rollout, the brand has partnered with Whole Foods Market for the Gift The Hustle campaign, where users will be able to send their friends a free can of the new product line, redeemable through Whole Foods Market with a coupon sent via the popular Facebook Messenger app.  To launch the campaign, the roster of celebrity partners will appear in a MatchaBar digital video ad campaign “Don’t Knock the Hustle: A MatchaBar Story” created by YouTube sensation Jack Coyne and participate in MatchaBar‘s Gift The Hustle social campaign.

“As an athlete and entrepreneur, I know all about that hustle!” said Denver Bronco Von Miller. “I am thrilled to be a part of the MatchaBar family as more than just an investor – to support their efforts to get a great drink out there in the marketplace for all, and to gift the Hustle to my own friends, fam and fans.”

“The key to disrupting the energy category is engaging culture and creating a lifestyle and set of values behind the brand and product. We’ve been building that on the ground for the past four years through our cafés, our activations across the country, and with meaningful partnerships investing in companies and individuals that are defining tomorrow,” MatchaBar co-founder Max Fortgang said. “The hustle is real, and we are thrilled to share our journey as we set to become the next great American energy drink!”

MatchaBar sources its exclusive blend of ceremonial grade matcha from a fifth-generation Japanese family farm.  Currently sold nationwide in Whole Foods Market as well as other retailers, MatchaBar is hustling to fulfill its mission – bring matcha to the people.

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