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According to reports, Google, Yandex, and plan to collaborate on the development of a new anti-piracy database. logo

The database would feature “known details of infringing material, including movies, games, software, and other content.” The service is similar to Google’s US service, where copyright holders upload the infringing links, with Google, Yandex, and scanning the database every five minutes in the forthcoming initiative.

The move comes weeks after Yandex was ordered to take down infringing copyrighted material by a Russian court. Gazprom Media had made the search company aware of the infringing content, and Yandex failed to remove the media–Yandex wants to proactively address these issues for the future.

Current Russian law already allows copyrighted content to be blocked within 3 to 5 days of filing a court petition, but with this measure the internet giants agree to block links without the need for a court order within hours.

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