Kentucky State University alumni will find a familiar face in the University’s new interim alumni director.

Mario J. Radford, a 2014 graduate from Kentucky State and also the director of the Gospel Ensemble, will serve as the interim alumni director.

As in any role, my goal has always been to represent Kentucky State and the alumni in a light that brings honor to our alma mater and provides greater service to the needs of our community,” Radford said.

Radford said as a product of Kentucky State, his thinking, world views and appreciation for the arts were all cultivated through the lens of experience he had as a student.

“I never would have imagined that I would have been able to pour back into an institution that poured into me,” Radford said. “Much of the faculty that held roles when I was a student has either retired or passed away, but their memories and impact still resonate in my very existence.”

Radford said if alumni and faculty had not given to him as a student, he wouldn’t be in the position to give back to the University.

Radford said his favorite memories at Kentucky State are from being in the Concert Choir under the direction of Carl H. Smith and being a member of and serving as the student director with the Gospel Ensemble.


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