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So even though today is my birthday I have a magazine deadline and I have to postpone the celebration. While I wait for my editor to send new edits back to me, I thought I would share this with you. I figured I would give you a few gifts that I’ve learned along the way in life that I hope will benefit your well being. At the end of the day you will eventually come to understand that life is basically math and banking when you take out the emotion which always clouds our decisions. So those math classes really did come in handy.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, withdrawls, debt, investments and returns on investment.

Watch What you Pursue, If it’s Running, Stop Chasing it and it will be Yours

The old adage, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again” is BS, they should have said ‘If at first, you don’t succeed, stop fool, turn the other way and do it differently or ask somebody else.’ Pursuing what is against you is a waste of time and a withdrawal to your well being. Accept your losses and turn it into a profit by opening up a new account at another branch or a new bank. MOVE ON

This means EVERYTHING … from business to people to love or wherever you think opportunities may exist. While you don’t always have to pursue things that are running towards you, you can at least pursue what is aligned with you. The minute you stop chasing it, it will stop running and start moving in your direction but make sure it’s too late. Your balance is your wealth. How many times have you made up your mind to walk away from something that wasn’t working and the minute you do it, and you actually mean it, it pops up in your favor?  No matter what you say or what you do or who you are there are just certain people that will never be on your team. Feel sorry for them for losing an amazing opportunity and use that negative energy to GROW. Be cordial, know you did your part and see what’s in the OTHER direction.

Stop Complaining

Everybody has their own set of problems to deal with and nobody should be made to carry your load of BS. You KNOW what you need to do, either do it or STFU and live with it but don’t weigh people down with things that you refuse to fix. You know it, they know it and the world knows it. Be a joy in somebody’s life instead of a drain. If you really want to get a good look and how blessed you are, go without shoes for a whole day outside. There are people who actually live like this and have no choice. Visit a homeless shelter or homeless part of town and you will see that not everybody who is homeless is mentally ill a lot of people made wrong turns in life which led them to the position that they are in. if you are blessed, focus on what you HAVE and it’s true you will have more of it.

Take the best care of yourself

While it’s okay to indulge an occasional things like bad food if you know you have a propensity to maintain that understand that these are the years that not only catch up to us but they affect you right away. Everything must be done either in moderation or not at all at this point. I actually know people who get up and have a drink in the morning but swear they’re not an alcoholic and they function day in and day out.

Stop Comparing Yourself to other people and Situations

I have never understood why people do this. If you’re going to compete with anybody make sure it’s YOU to become better. It’s better to look ahead instead of looking at everybody else. Everybody else is not YOU so don’t compare yourself to them don’t ask for what they have and don’t think you can be who they are. Your gifts from the Universe are for YOU and theirs are for THEM. Don’t compare yourself to other people because you don’t know their journey or what they’ve been through, what they’re going through and all that glitters ain’t gold.

Be Brilliant by Surrounding Yourself with Brilliance

Another one of the worst things that we can do is make a commitment to be average of less than ON YOUR OWN. There are plenty of obstacles in our path why create your own? Challenge yourself by learning what you don’t know, doing what you haven’t done and by taking personal responsibility for your shortcomings.

The people that you surround yourself with become your resume’ so if they complain, you complain, if they’re negative you become negative, if they are miserable you will become miserable. You can try to change THEM if you want to but I can garantee you that YOU will end up being the one that will be changed. It takes much more energy to be miserable than to be content.

My best.


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