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Radio Facts: Originally posted June 26, 2018 – Lee Daniels looks like he is having a cardiac arrest in this video when he was enjoying a night out with his Hollywood hoity-toity friends for an evening with the legendary Diana Ross. He was spotted by hip-hop veteran Damon Dash at the show just before Ross sang her signature tune “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” but it looked like Damon was about to Reach out and KICK (Somebody’s Ass).

Who knew Damon liked Diana Ross (or was it planned)? Lee looks mortified as Damon reads him the riot act about money he invested for the movie Precious that Lee didn’t return with a profit and Dash states Lee didn’t even invite him to the premiere. Damon probably took a chance and bought tickets to Diana Ross, Cher, Madonna and Grace Jones’s shows knowing Lee would be at all of them.

Damon has actually talked about Lee owing him money for some years now so this is nothing new. You can hear some of the conversation in the video that someone taped (and should win a cinematography award for, great work). Lee was obviously caught completely off guard and you can hear him say “Damon I’m gonna give you your money” and “I’m going to call you” with the fear in his face looking like he was going to get his ass kicked after school. Lee KNOWS he’s wrong and Monique has also accused him of the same thing.

Dash is getting more pissed by the minute and Diana must see and hear the situation because she tries to defuse it by talking about the “mood in the room right now.” Damon threatens to go public with a lawsuit in the video and has since done so by actually filing a lawsuit against Lee for 5 Million. Wonder if Lee stayed for the rest of the show? I like Damon, he may not always do things the way people would like him too but he’s right for the most part and most of the time.

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