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Concord Music, starting as a jazz label and expanding to a variety of genres, announced today it will establish Concord Theatricals, a new division that will manage its theatrical stage related holdings. Its announcement came a short time after it also announced the acquisition of Samuel French, a notable publisher of American and British play scripts.

Earlier this year Concord acquired Tams-Witmark, a musical theater licensing organization, while it acquired last year the Rodgers & Hammerstein organization and its rights to classics like “The Sound of Music” and “Oklahoma!” Concord’s Samuel French acquisition is its first venture into the nonmusical play business.

Nate Collins, president of Samuel French, commented:
“The reason that this completely makes sense is given the competitive outlook of the industry, especially with Concord having acquired some of the major players — I just knew that competition was going to be a lot more fierce, and we were going to run into some headwinds… we have been family-owned and operated since 1830, and the outlook of the industry required that we have backing from an institution with more resources.”

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