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Charlamagne Tha God Kanye West Interview

Charlamagne Tha God Kanye West Interview – If I gave a RF Focus award to the radio personality of the year, Charlamagne would get the icon award. This brother really keeps the game interesting and relevant and may literally be holding up the ENTIRE urban radio industry without knowing it. That’s a LOT of pressure but that’s the price to pay when you have the balls to go the extra mile, step outside the usual giggly dumbed-down “safe” chatter and be authentic.

I truly hope other Radio DJs are watching his hustle NOT to duplicate him but to understand how the white boys do it and make all the money. With all due respect to the concept of business … Be loyal to NO radio corporation or you will be broke and eventually dead. BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN TALENT. TRUST ME, I’ve seen MANY people DIE putting all their faith in radio corporations but that’s another story.


This interview is great because Kanye WANTED to do the interview with Charlamagne and Charlamagne doesn’t back down on the questions that you never hear asked. He talks about mental health for Black folks as well as friendships between black men with Kanye and Jay-Z. The last time Kane appeared on The Breakfast Club Radio Show, Charlamagne told him his project sucked (lol). Kanye may not have liked that but he HAD to respect Charlamagne for being honest and not kissing his ass.

Charlamagne Tha God Kanye West Interview

Kanye does talk about the politics in radio and not having more control of the success of his music but I’m sure he understands now that when you don’t control it … well, you don’t control it. Perhaps HE should take notes from Jay Z. GREAT interview. Take a minute to check it out.

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