Radio Facts: BMI
The Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) filed a petition today in federal rate court against the North American Concert Promoters Association (NACPA). The petition is to determine rates for live concerts that, in its terms, “more fairly reflect the value its affiliates’ music brrings to the U.S. live concert industry and are more in line with global industry standards.”

BMI’s Executive Vice President of Licensing & Creative,  Mike Steinberg, explained their stance:

“The music created by songwriters and composers and enjoyed by American music fans is the backbone of the live concert industry, yet the rate paid to BMI for the use of its affiliates’ music vastly undervalues that contribution.  We have spent nearly five years attempting to finalize new rates with NACPA that more closely align with the higher rates NACPA members have already agreed to pay to other PROs, both internationally and in the U.S.  Instead, NACPA is attempting to shortchange BMI affiliates and rely on outdated rates that do not reflect the evolution of the music industry or take in to account the expanded revenue streams that result from the performances of BMI music.  We believe we have a compelling case and look forward to presenting our positions to the Court.”

You can read BMI’s petition here.

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