Radio Facts:
Angela Burt-Murray (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Essence)

Radio Facts: Originally posted November 8, 2010 – The fashion industry is NOTORIOUS for being racist and even Naomi Campbell has stated the fact many times over. Therefore, with such a lack of opportunities for blacks in the industry, it would appear strange that the single most successful black woman’s magazine would hire a white fashion editor.

The end result is that Angela Burt-Murray, the woman who hired the white fashion editor is out as editor-in-chief of Essence, the Time Inc. owned magazine for African American women. Murray spent five years at the helm.  She told staffers this past week in a meeting that she is relocating to Atlanta with her family. She didn’t return a call for comment.  Sheryl Tucker, who took a buyout as an editor-at-large at Time Inc. in 2008, is being brought back to run the mag on an interim basis.

According to sources, the company quietly began preparing for the move a few weeks ago but wanted to proceed delicately to avoid re-igniting a controversy that flared this summer when Burt-Murray appointed a white woman to the key position of fashion director.

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  1. This lady probably hired these caucasians so that she would appear favorably in the eyes of the big white magazines, which she might have had an Idea to run one of those…….P


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