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Apple Reports Significantly Higher Paid Conversion Rate Versus Spotify


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We noted earlier reports from this summer indicate that Apple Music officially has more U.S. subscribers than Spotify. Apple’s Q3 2018 financial report, however, has also revealed that it has surpassed Spotify in both Canada and Japan. Moreover, it appears Apple Music has a higher conversion rate from free to paid subscribers versus Spotify.

According to the report, Apple Music has converted potential into paying customers 2.5 times faster than its competitor Spotify. Over the last year, Spotify’s global subscriber market share has declined 3% to 62% over the last year, while Apple Music has grown 4% to 34% in one year.

Some major region-specific factors give Apple Music advantages in markets where iPhone ownership is prevalent. iPhones can effortlessly integrate Apple Music, bundling it with iOS products. It also has ample opportunity to prompt users to easily pay for the service with payment linked to Apple ID. Moreover, iPhone users statistically have more disposable income than Android users, altogether making a combination that allows for rapid expansion.

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