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Radio Facts:

10 Things We can All Learn from Steve Harvey

steve harvey is certainly not the first Black man to break all the rules of Hollywood and to garner massive success for his brand. Before Harvey, tyler perry a virtual unknown did the same thing and beyond going from a homeless man to earning the respect as one of the most brilliant businessmen in Hollywood. Oprah Winfrey before him, Bill Cosby, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and even those we may not realize made an impact on the industry with their own brands in the 70s like Rudy Ray Moore. Many people don’t realize Moore, for example,  owned and distributed his own movies and music because Hollywood refused to.

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For those of us who are black and who understand how the Hollywood machine works, we know that we are behind the 8-ball from gate. To Hollywood’s benefit perhaps they are not as racist as they are ignorant of how the black community works. In addition, we don’t have the leverage, other blacks or the contacts to open doors for us in Hollywood even when we bring the money and the audience, Hollywood thinks the only way for anything black to succeed it has to be coupled with something white and the white has to be in the dominant position. tyler perry has proven Hollywood wrong time and again which is why they don’t like him and without a doubt he has forced the door of opportunity open for other blacks like steve harvey to make an impact.

Truth be told, most of us would have given up long before many of the people above as all that glitters ain’t gold. We’re sure steve harvey has an amazing story to tell but the question is, will he ever tell it?  The WHOLE story we mean, and even if he doesn’t, there are some things that are just as plain to see. Click Below for Next Page

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